New pill crusher? New skin analysis system? New scalp cooling system?

Sphynx accompanies you throughout the implementation of these new products and will train your staff adequately. It will be done professionally according to your needs and availability. We will go on your premises where these products will be used and the training will be done on the equipment that your staff will use. No travel expenses, no additional costs.

In addition, we will make every year a preventive visit to ensure that our products are used correctly by your staff in order to ensure their effectiveness and durability.

You have new staff?

We will be happy to train these new people so they use our products according to standards. This training will be provided at reasonable rates.

At Sphynx, you get more than equipments, you buy the insurance that they will be used properly 
and will be sustainable!
To make an appointment, call our technical support team 450-650-0641 or toll-free 1-855-650-0641. You can also reach us by email [email protected].
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