Cups for Severo electric medication crusher
To be able to grind the medication optimally and administer easily, IMS has developed a new medicine goblet: the SeveroCup

The most important advantages of the SeveroCup are:

  • the SeveroCup has a lower rim
  • the SeveroCup is more wide
  • the SeveroCup has a smooth bottom
  • the SeveroCup stands firmly.
Time, profit and ease of use by the SeveroCup

The grinded medication can be mixed IN the médicine cup directly with dessert or applesauce. Also a spoon fits in easily. The old medicine cup is high and small and has a convex floor. Moreover the old cup bottom is bubbled causing medication to be left behind. Because of this the use of a another cup or cup is necessary. This means extra costs and asks for extra operations.

The SeveroCup is much user friendly and saves you money at the same time.

2100 cups per box.
Stock #SEV-MED001
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