• Maxi Bags (110 m/360 ft) for Longostand Maxi
  • Bagging material almost always in place.
  • Quick bag replacement - less then 30 seconds. (watch video)
  • Always a completely filled bag. The amount of contents sets the size of the bag on bag change.
  • Variable bag size for flexible replacement intervals.


  • The Longopac bagging system is a highly developed system for sorting at source.
  • Cassette in 6 colours as signal colour for a given fraction.
  • Perforated bag material for recycled plastic which is to be compressed.

Environmentally firendly

  • - Longopac is made of polyethylene (PE) which gives carbon dioxide and water at complete combustion.
  • The bag material is much stonger and thinner than ordinary waste bags.
  • Optimum utilisation of the bag material.
  • Independent lifecycle analysis shows that only 1/3 carbon is released compared to an ordinary bag.
  • Compact packages and lower weight gives lower transport costs.

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