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Repetitive strain injuries caused by manual grinding of medicines can be painful.

In most nursing and assisted care homes medicines are regularly ground to assist patients who have difficulty swallowing pills on their own. Research has shown that the manual grinding of medicines cause repetitive strain injuries or related problems for employees who are responsible for preparing their patient's medicine. Care provider complaints include: 

  • Throbbing pulse
  • Acute pain in elbows
  • Shoulder strain
  • Upper and lower back pain
As a result of the repetitive motion and physical exertion, facilities caring for patients requiring their medication to be crushed experience an increase in staff medical complaints and missed work days.

After extensive consultations with users in the field, we have developed the Severo electric medicine grinder. The result is an affordable, robust, long lasting use in battery mode, which pulverises even the toughest medication effortlessly in six seconds, reduces minimally any cross-contamination possibilities and protects your employees in the health care sector from expensive and inconvenient repetitive strain injuries.

  • Easy to use
  • Powered by rechargeable battery
  • Autonomy of 200 crushing
  • No risk of inhalation
  • Stable on carts
  • Robust and durable motor

Simple, Robust, Efficient

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severo pill crusher how to

  1- Put the drugs to be crushed in the Severo cup
  2- Put the metal crusher on the Severo cup
  3- Place the cup in the crusher and close the door to start
  4- Open the door, the drugs are now crushed
  5- Mix the apple sauce to the crushed drugs
  6- The drugs are now ready to be administered
How was this pill crusher conceived?

The conception of this pill crusher is the outcome of a conference reuniting professionals from the field in BC, Canada in 2000. The pill crusher would have to address these needs:
  • Reduction of pills into fine powder
  • Control drug dust release into the surrounding air
  • Prevent cross-contamination between different medications
  • Must be resistant and powerful
  • Must be compatible with existing medical carts
  • Must be efficient:
  • Crushes the pills in 15 seconds
  • Minimal effort required from the user
  • Crushes the pills silently.

Is the battery charge sufficient for a full day of usage?

A fully charged battery could run for 200 uses. As an example, the pill crusher could easily provide 100 uses for a care unit of 25 patients, each requiring 4 crushings per day. The battery will be fully charged within 4 hours.

How does it avoid releasing pill dust in the air?

All of the crushing takes place in a closed compartment. In fact, the user must close the compartment door in order to activate the crusher, which prevents any radical drug dust to be dispersed in the surrounding air.

Will the pill crusher be stable on the medical cart?

The medication crusher has a bulkier built because of its motor size. As a result, it will be more stable on the medical cart due to its weight and its lower center of gravity. If required, the pill crusher can be fixed to the cart using Velcro strips.

Is there any effort required from the user to operate this pill crusher?

No. It is electrical, which avoids any risk of injury caused by repeated motions requiring physical effort.

Can the pill crusher be operated at night without awakening the patients?

Yes. The motor is very strong yet equally silent. The fact that the user must close the compartment door in order to begin the operation further silences the crushing process.

How simple is the operating procedure?

Crushing pills has never been easier. While most competitors require the operator to use 2 cups or a special plastic baggy in order to crush the medication, our pill crusher only requires one cup for both the crushing of the drug and its administration.

Is this pill crusher efficient?

Yes. It has two different settings in order to properly reduce the pills to powder.

  • Regular: for standard medications (6 seconds)
  • Extra: for those pills that are harder to crush (13 seconds)

This ensures a perfect crush regardless of the type of pill.

How does this pill crusher avoid the risk of cross contamination?

Its all due to its unique metallic crushing head. This metallic crushing head is what comes into contact with the drugs. Its smooth, non-porous finish allows the user to easily wash it with a moist cloth. This procedure will remove all drug residue, therefore avoiding any cross contamination.

Will the motor resist to intensive use?

Intensive use is the reason why our pill crusher's motor has been conceived. It is bulkier than our competitor's models and has been through rigorous and thorough testing. Our pill crusher comes with a 2 year warranty, which backs the motor's resistance and its exceptional design.

Is the operating cost reasonable?

Yes. The crusher uses a single Severo cup for crushing and administration of the drug. Certain competitors use a special plastic baggy requiring the user to empty the medication from the baggy to a cup in order to administer the medication. Meanwhile, other competitors require the use of 2 of their cups to crush the drugs, which increases the cost twofold.