1 year warranty on the crusher, 6 months on the battery.
Repetitive strain injuries caused by manual grinding of medicines can be painful. That's why we are extremely proud of the launch of the all-new SEVERO 3.0 model.

In most nursing and assisted care homes medicines are regularly ground to assist patients who have difficulty swallowing pills on their own. Research has shown that the manual grinding of medicines cause repetitive strain injuries or related problems for employees who are responsible for preparing their patient's medicine. Care provider complaints include:

  • Throbbing pulse
  • Acute pain in elbows
  • Shoulder strain
  • Upper and lower back pain
As a result of the repetitive motion and physical exertion, facilities caring for patients requiring their medication to be crushed experience an increase in staff medical complaints and missed work days.

After extensive consultations with users in the field, we have developed the Severo electric medicine grinder. The result is an affordable, robust, long lasting use in battery mode, which pulverises even the toughest medication effortlessly in six seconds, reduces minimally any cross-contamination possibilities and protects your employees in the health care sector from expensive and inconvenient repetitive strain injuries.

  • Easy to use
  • Powered by rechargeable battery
  • Autonomy of 200 crushing
  • No risk of inhalation
  • Stable on carts
  • Robust and durable motor.

Simple, Robust, Efficient.

$599.00 $549.00
If you have any questions, call us at (450) 460-4060.

  1- Put the drugs to be crushed in the Severo cup
  2- Put the metal crusher on the Severo cup
  3- Place the cup in the crusher and close the lid to start
  4- Open the lid, the drugs are now crushed
  5- Mix the apple sauce to the crushed drugs
  6- The drugs are now ready to be administered.