Ribcap, the original!
We are pleased to announce the availability of Ribcap products in Canada. Ribcap is based on an innovative concept: combining protection, softness and elegance. These headgear can be used for medical purposes (neurological conditions, reduced mobility, epilepsy, autism, oncology...), recreational (active and sportive children and adults as well as for the ederly) and even for people exercising more risky professions (police, civil protection...). Every second, 2 people in the world are victims of head trauma. Use of Ribcap products would reduce incidents while combining elegance and comfort.
Snoring and sleep apnoea

Approx. 20% of the population are affected by snoring and 4% by sleep apnoea. Predominantly men are affected but women are not untroubled by such problems either. We spend a considerable part of our life with sleeping, thus, it is essential that our sleep does not get interrupted by any physical impacts.

During sleep, muscular relaxation of the throat and tongue actually reduce the size of the windpipe. Air is forced past the obstruction causing turbulence and vibration, which creates the sound that we all know as snoring. Apart from its nuisance value to others and loss of sleep, snoring can develop into a more severe obstruction of the airway that actually prevents people from breathing. This is called sleep apnoea and requires a medical consultation.

Soon, we will have a solution!

Clipair fits easily into the nose. It discretely holds the sides of the nose even in the case of strong inspirations, even during sleep or sport. It is made of a biomedical elastic material for optimal, comfortable and discrete support.

Our new website has officialy launched!
It is with great pleasure that we wish to inform you about the launch of our new website: www.sphynxmedical.com. After several weeks of development, we are pleased to present you the showcase of our company on the web.

Our website has been updated to reflect new trends and has been designed for our customers and partners.It will support our common development and facilitate your efforts. Here you will find information about our products / the catalog of our products with an online ordering system, but also the history of the company and all the news of our company.

Do not hesitate to send us your comments via the contact form. Wishing that you will enjoy this new way to communicate with us, we hope that you will like discovering the site.
New consultation service by health professionals via video conference
Sphynx Medical is currently in the process of setting up a consultation service by health professionals via video conference on our website. This service will be totally free.

One of the goals is to provide people an alternative to the Health Information Service that does not offer the possibility of video consultations. We also want to offer the service during hours where medical clinics are difficult to access.

The establishment of such a service can be very expensive. It is for this reason that before officially launching it, we need a dozen health professional volunteers (nurses and doctors) who are willing to give us a few hours for a trial period of a few weeks . Subsequently, we will propose a large-scale service where professionals who would like to continue the adventure will be remunerated.

If this project interest you or if you know someone that would be interested, please contact Mario Soulard by email [email protected] or by phone at 1-855-650-0641. You may also forward this message or post it up freely.

ps: Please direct all media inquiries to Denis Nadeau at [email protected]
New partnership with Protec'som
We are excited about our new partnership with the French company Protec'som. This company specializes in, among other product lines, in the production of medical grade anti-mite covers (ISO13485). Several products on the market claim to be anti-mite but in fact are not or little. However, all Protec'som covers are tested and certified by an independent laboratory. In addition to providing comfort similar to high-quality cotton sheet, Protec'som covers form an impenetrable barrier to dust mite allergens.
Electronic cigarette could save millions of lives!

While the French government is preparing to propose the prohibition of e-cigarettes in public places, a group of experts called the WHO to not classify e-cigarettes as a tobacco product.

In an open letter to the Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), scientists from Europe, North America, Asia and Australia argue that low-risk products such as e cigarette are not a problem, but rather "one
solution" in the fight against smoking.

This group of 53 eminent scientists urged WHO not to classify the electronic cigarette as a tobacco product, arguing that such a decision would jeopardize an opportunity to significantly reduce illness and deaths from smoke inhalation .

Eloquent testimony!
A customer recently told us: "Thanks to your Severo pill crushers, we reduced absenteeism significantly." Indeed, grinding tablets is increasing in long term facilities and through its innovative technology, the Severo electric pill crusher is becoming more and more the standard across several CSSS.
Sphynx and Severo : a great success!
After 1 year and a half of activities, the distribution of Severo Electric Pill Crushers is an unprecedented success for Sphynx Medical: many hundreds of crushers deployed in many long term care facilities both public and private. Many CSSS have made it their standard. The Severo is:

  • Quiet :
    with its bigger and more robust motor
  • Efficient :
    any pill will be reduced in fine powder each time
  • Fast :
    the crushing will take 5 seconds (normal mode) or 13 seconds (extra mode)
  • Simple :
    just put in place the Severo Cup and close the door
  • Safe :
    the activation of the motor by the closure of the door prevents any risk of
    inhaling medication dust.

Customers are unanimous, it is the best pill crusher available on the market!
We moved!
To serve you better, we are now located at 151-A de Mortagne blvd., Boucherville, Quebec J4B 6G4. Our new numbers are: Tel (450) 650-0641 and Fax: (450) 650-0644.

Flexibility in acquiring Severo crusher
Understanding the budget restrictions that are facing the health institutions, Sphynx Medical Inc announces a new and easy acquisition mode for the Severo electric drug crusher based on the usage of the exclusive Severo cups. To obtain more information on this new acquisition mode or to have a demonstration at your institution, contact Sphynx Medical Inc at 1 (877) 640-0641 or via email at [email protected] .
A player to be considered for the elderly
We are proud of our new products added to our portfolio. Each has specific advantages over products now available and will be of great use for people with diminished autonomy. These products are: a transfer belt; Grip-n-Assist, a pill crush name Severo and a revolutionnary waste management system from Paxxo.
Service and maintenance workshop
We are pleased to announce that we have arranged a workshop for service and maintenance of equipments for which we are responsible in Canada. The main equipments are manufactured by Health Robotics, Dignitana, IMS Medical... We hope to offer our customers fast service and high quality.