The service will be available starting october 1st 2015 and will be offered from 6pm to 9pm (eastern time), from monday to friday
Consulting a health professional online is now possible thanks to Sphynx Medical community involvement. Your children or yourself are having symptoms that, even if they are not serious, are worrying you? No more need to leave home and wait for hours in the hospital emergency. You only have to register to our website to have access to professionals via chat, voice or video conference. This service uses the very popular Skype software that a lot of internauts use on a regular basis and that is completely FREE.

Remember that in case of more serious symptoms, don’t hesitate to go to the nearest hospital emergency.

Consultation steps:

  1. Your need to register
  2. Go to the page where the professionals offer consultations

* La date de lancement pourrait changer selon la disponibilité du personnel de santé skype button
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