This section if frequently updated.

Some products are available for North America while others are for the Canadian market only. You will find this specification in the product description.

It is possible to make a return within 5 business days following receipt of the order. After this time, the merchandise will be considered received, complete, in good condition and fully accepted.

To make a return, you must contact a Customer Service representative.

Transport will be at your expense for the return of merchandise that does not suit you or due to an error on your part. The representative will suggest a carrier and a procedure to follow.

Transport will be at the expense of Sphynx Medical for the return of damaged, erroneous or missing merchandise. In this case, the representative will appoint you a carrier and a specific procedure to follow.


1. No merchandise may be returned without a return authorization number issued by our Customer Service Department.

2. The following information is required to complete a return authorization request:

» Invoice number
» Item code, quantity and format (box or case, for example)
» Reason for return.

3. Customer Service will inform the client of the mode of transport to be used to return the merchandise. If a customer uses a different carrier than the one proposed, he or she will fully bear the costs.

4. Credit will be issued by Sphynx Medical following receipt and verification of the merchandise and if it is found to be in perfect resale condition.

Contact us at 1 855.650.0641 or by email [email protected].

Yes we have an establishment license from Health Canada.

Your credit information is stored on servers. Your information is safe. Paypal has been operating in the field of online payment for many years and they have an excellent reputation.

Simply open an account (top of the page) and enter some information. On your next visit, you will only have to login.

We accept Visa and Mastercard. For checks and paypal, please call-us 1-855-650-0641.

Yes by making an appointment at 1-855-650-0641. A sales representative will welcome you and will demonstrate the article.

Your purchases will be shipped by Purolator quickly and at a competitive price.

Our complete product line is available on our website where you can view all relevant information about each product in addition to videos and technical data sheets.

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No, we also have a team of representatives that specialize in the institutional sector. Buying online remains your fastest way to have access to our products.